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Audi A3 (06>08) radio head unit removal
Audi A3 radio head unit removal

2007 audi a3 with concert stereo fitted

how to remove head unit using the necessary
radio removal keys.

You can see from the video clip that the
2 removal keys fit into the 2 slots in
the front lower edge of the unit.

Make sure that the longer edge of the removal
keys sits to the outside of the unit.

So slot both keys in, viagra sales longest side facing out, shop
pushing until each clicks into place.

Then with a hand on each key, using a little
outward pressure on the removal keys and the
head unit should slide out towards you.

Audi A3 car stereo
Here is the head unit with the removal tools in place.

Now with the head unit released from the
dashboard you will need to release the removal
tools. As you will see from the video, look
at the side of the head unit and at there is
a metal tab that when you push inwards, the
removal key will be released. Remove both keys.

Never pull the head unit out too far until
you have removed all the connectors at the rear.

These will be the aerial, and few different shaped
plugs with wiring attached. Remove all these
carefully and this will release the head unit
fully from the dashboard and car wiring.

Audi A3 head unit rear
This is a photo of the rear of an earlier A3 concert head unit.  Down in
the far left is where
the aerial attaches to, and all those prongs over on the far right are where the
wiring harness plugs fit.

Single or Double DIN head units.
The head unit shown above and shown in the video what is referred to as a single
din head unit.
A double din head unit is twice the height and normally requires 4 release

Audi A3 radio removal keys
Here are the Audi A3 (amongst others) radio removal tools, they come
as a pair and these ones are made by AutoLeads, part no. PC5-93.

Notice the long edge, that is the edge that needs to be facing to the outside
of the head unit when you push them into place.

We found these ones for sale on ebay for as little as £1.99 and at that price
there is just no reason not to buy them and risk damaging your
dashboard or radio.

Radio Removal Video

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