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Audi TT 2002 > 2006 radio head unit removal.
Audi TT radio head unit removal



2002 audi TT  with concert stereo fitted.

how to remove the head unit using the necessary
radio release keys.

You can see from the video clip that the
2 removal keys fit into the 2 slots in
the front lower edge of the unit.

Make sure that the longer edge of the removal
keys sits to the outside of the unit.

So slot both keys in, decease longest side facing out,
pushing until each clicks into place.

Then with a hand on each key, using a little
outward pressure on the removal keys and the
head unit should slide out towards you.

Audi TT radio removal keys
Here are the Audi TT radio removal tools, they come
as a pair and these ones are made by AutoLeads, part no. PC5-93.

Notice the long edge, that is the edge that needs to be facing to the outside
of the head unit when you push them into place.

We found these ones for sale on ebay for as little as £1.99 and at that price
there is just no reason not to buy them and risk damaging your
dashboard or radio.

Tightly fitting head units, or Audio TT head unit won’t come out ;

a useful tip that you will notice in the video is that the engineer puts a

slight bend into his radio release keys and explains this is because the
radio surround can get warped with the heat and make the radio tighter to get

Putting the slight bend in the release keys means that you can put a litle more
on them when pulling the head unit out.

You can see from the video that their head unit was really tightly in place and
what they had
to do was workng on each side a little at a time they inserted an l-shaped tool
into the CD slot
so they could get more leverage.

They stressed in the video that you do this at your own risk becase there is a
risk of damaging
the head unit.

The trick is to be patient and work each side a little at a time and you should
get the radio out
without damaging anything.


Here is a Kenwood KVT-729 fitted into a 2003 Audi TT.
Audi TT head unit removal

Audi tt radio

and here is a Kenwood KVT-627 ;


Here is an Alpine 9887R fitted into an Audi TT ;
Audi TT Alpine head unit

This Alpine X100 head unit fits into the early TT’s (8N) ;
Early Audi TT Alpine head unit

Radio Removal Video

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