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BMW X3 2004 on (E83) radio head unit removal

BMW X3 radio head unit removal

The X3 dashboard is split into 3 sections ;

1) top, generic viagra with the air vents and hazard light switch,
2) middle, radio and surround,
3) lower, heater controls.

Firstly you need to remove the top section.
This does not need any tools as there are no
screws or fixings holding it into place.

Using your hands, you can carefully pull the top panel out
with your hands. Using both hands, grab the top panel
with your fingers op the top edge and your thumbs
on the bottom edge. Squeeze and pull towards you gently
and you should start to feel it coming loose.

Once you get a small gap behind the panel,
you can get something in there to help get it off.
The guy in the video used a plastic panel puller but
you could you anything that won’t scratch you dashboard.

Get it behind there and pull the panel off gently,
moving all the way around and loosening a bit at
a time.

As you pull the panel forward you will see that there
is a wire with a looped end attached to the top of it.
This should just clip off without any problems.
Also, you may want to remove the plug/wiring from the
back of the hazard light switch so you can put the
entire top panel to one side, out of the way.

Once you have removed the top panel, you will see
2 cross-head screws. These are holding the lower
panel in place, just take a cross-head
screw driver and remove them.

Now with one hand on the bottom edge of the lower
panel and the other on the top. Gently lift up the
lower edge whilst pulling the top edge forward.
Now be gently because this panel can be fragile and
could break.
Once it is loose the panel can be placed to one side.

Now that this lower panel is removed, you will see
that the head unit/radio is just held in by 2
cross-head screws.

Pull the radio forward until you can reach the wiring
plugs at the back and unclip them.

Now your head unit is free of the dashboard.



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