How to remove radio head unit – Mazda-626

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Mazda 626 (98>92) head unit removal
mazda 626 head unit removal

To remove this head unit, cure you will need din removal keys (see below)
and a small flat head screw driver.

mazda 626 radio removal
mazda 626 head unit removal 2

Use the screw driver to remove the plastic pieces on each
side of the head unit. These pieces cover over the din holes
where you have to insert your din keys.

mazda 626 radio removal 2

When you remove these pieces you will see two holes
on each side of the radio.

mazda 626 head unit removal 3

Now insert one din key into the exposed holes on each side if the head unit
as shown above.

mazda 626 radio removal 3

Once the keys are in place, look pulling them outwards will release the retaining
clips and allowing you to pull the radio forward.  Pull the radio out far
so you can access the aerial and wiring at the back of it.

mazda 626 head unit removal 4

Now with the head unit out of the dashboard you can remove the aerial
and the wiring plugs so that it is completely disconnected.

These are the din keys that release the head unit from the dashboard.
They are universal and can be used on many different cars, so they are
well worth the investment – Well, I say investment. At the time of writing
this page they were available on eBay for £1.99 delivered.

mazda 626 radio removal keys

Mazda 626 head unit removal video.

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