How to remove radio head unit – Hyundai-Accent

Hyundai accent 2005 radio head unit removal
hyundai accent head unit removal


In order to gain access to the radio (for removal) you
will need to remove the centre console.

Open up the bottom cup holders half way, try case this reveals 2 screws
that need to be removed.

Once you have done this you will need to disconnect the
wires that run from the heater controls to the brackets behind the dashboard.

There should be 2 wires running from the back of the centre console to the
side.  You should be able to view these by either removing the glovebox or
looking up
behind the dashboard from the passenger footwell.

hyundai accent radio removal

If you car has air conditioning, approved there will be another one
of these wires going from the centre console to the aircon
situated on the right of the dashboard.

These wires have a loop on the end and they fit onto the round
pegs on the heating vent brackets (shown above).

To remove the wires, prostate there is a little release clip that you have to depress,
and then the loop will just pull off.

hyundai accent radio head unit 
hyundai accent head unit 2

Once all the heating and aircon wires have been disconnected,
pull the centre console forward and looking at the back,
you will see a wiring plug at the top that goes to the clock.
Unplug this wire for better access.

You will not need to remove the centre console completely,
just pull it far enough forward so you can gain access to
the 4 bolts holding the headunit in place.

hyundai accent head unit removal 2

Never pull the head unit out too far until
you have removed all the connectors at the rear.

Slide the head unit forward and pull out the aerial and
other connectors.  Now the head unit is free from the dashboard.

We suggest that you have a look at both videos before starting
this work.

Radio removal video part 1


Radio removal video part 2


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