How to remove radio head unit – Land Rover-Range Rover

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Land Rover and Range Rover 99>02 head unit removal
land rover head unit removal

The removal of this stereo is quite simple compared to others.
You will need to get hold of some head unit removal keys, sildenafil see
further down the page for details.

There are 2 horizontal slots on the top edge of the head unit.
Push one key into each of the slots. As in the image above.
These keys push in and release the clips that are holding the
radio into the dashboard.

range rover head unit removal

Now you can slide the head unit towards you, out of the dash.
You can see from the image above, this technician hooked his finger
inside the flap and ‘gently’ eased the head unit forward.
Pull the head unit far enough out so that you can now access the aerial
and wiring plugs at the rear.

Land rover radio removal

Now remove the aerials and the wiring plugs on the opposite
side and the head unit is completely free from the dashboard.

land rover radio removal keys
Here are the Land Rover (amongst others) radio removal keys, they come
as a pair and these ones are made by AutoLeads, part no. PC5-93.

We found these for sale on ebay for as little as £1.99 delivered and at that price
there is just no reason not to buy them and risk damaging your
dashboard or radio.

Land Rover head unit removal video


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